Top Destinations for Dental Tourism

27 February, 2023by Dentics Cancun

Did you know that each year, nearly half million Americans seek treatments, such as dental crowns, tooth fillings, tooth veneers, and dental implants outside the US?

Health is one of the most important aspects in life, and sometimes we forget how valuable it is, until we get some injury or disease that prevents us from carrying out our duties, our favorite activities, or being with our loved ones.

Unfortunately, most health treatments are usually expensive, which is the main reason why some people don’t get the medical attention they need.

Well, surely you know that some of the most expensive treatments are those related to dental problems… At least, that was before dental tourism became a great option for patients in the US and Canada, who wish to save great amounts of money, while they visit breathtaking destinations to get procedures like dental implants or those related to cosmetic dentistry.

To give you a better idea of the top destinations for dental tourism worldwide, we’ve enlisted some of them:

5. Spain
In this European country you will find some of the best dental surgeons, together with magnificent cities to let you recover.

4. The Philippines
You may not believe it, but in this place you can find outstanding facilities with international regulations for the best practices.

3. Panama

Some of the best clinics in central America are located in this country; besides it is easy to find a cheap direct flight from almost any country in the American continent.

2. Thailand

Affordable prices and friendly people make this country one of the most recognized dental tourist destinations worldwide.

1. Mexico 

Whether it is for dental emergencies, cosmetic procedures or the unique tooth veneers, people from the US seek dentistry in Mexico because they know it is a quick trip, and some of the best attention.

As you can see, there are several options in many wonderful countries to get your dental work and spend some days off in a different city. We’re not travel experts, but if you would like to know more about the best dentists in Mexico, we can recommend the service of Dentics Cancun, a dental group located in this unique Caribbean destination, featuring top-class facilities and the attention of highly recognized dental experts.

Click here and let us guide you through the fascinating world of dental tourism.

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Copyright 2023 by Dentics Cancun®. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 by Dentics Cancun®. All rights reserved.

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