At Dentics Cancun you can save 65% or even more compared to the same procedures elsewhere. 

We specialize in more advanced work like implants, veneers, crowns braces and dentures but many of our patients plan to spend a week in Cancun to receive all of their general dentistry work for even more savings.


Initial Examination/Consultation$50 USD
Single X-Ray (bitewing or periapical)$10 USD
Panoramic X-Rays$50 USD
CT Scan/3D X-ray 3D$150 USD


Implant Procedures

Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only)$950 USD
Zirconia Dental Implant (metal free)$1350 USD
Zygomatic implants$2500 USD


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal Therapy Anterior$250 USD
Root canal Therapy Bicuspid$275 USD
Root canal Therapy Molar$300 USD



Metal Braces$1100 USD
Clear Brace$1500 USD
Invisalign$3500 USD



Acrylic Denture Maxillar$580 USD
Acrylic Denture Mandibular$580 USD
Snap on Denture Maxillar$600 USD


Cleaning, Whitening, Fillings & Extractions

Regular Teeth Cleaning$60 USD
Deep Cleaning, Scaling & Root Planing (per quadrant)$100 USD
Laser Teeth Whitening$100 USD
Teeth Whitening, take home kit$175 USD
Composite Filling (1 surface)$65 USD
Composite Filling (2 surface)$95 USD
Composite Filling (3 surface)$125 USD
Extraction (simple)$70 USD
Extraction (surgical or impacted)$150 USD
3rd Molar Extraction$300 USD



Full Porcelain/Ceramic Crown$420 USD
Zirconia Crown$450 USD
Porcelain Veneer$420 USD
Zirconia Veneer$450 USD
Inlay/Onlay$420 USD
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (precious alloy)$500 USD
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (standard alloy)$380 USD
Porcelain Fused to Gold Crown$750 USD
Composite Veneer (direct bonding)$170 USD
Temporary Crown/Veneer$50 USD


Other Procedures

IV Sedation (by anesthesiologist)$500 USD
Night guard (soft plastic)$60 USD
Night guard (hard plastic)$100 USD



 I had performed a refurbishment of a nearly 30-year-old implant supported Bridge and the finishing work ( 2 crowns and abutments ) of two newly placed implants. The new implants were placed by Dentics 4 months ago. At the time of the new implants, a bone graft procedure was also performed. This was not my first procedure with Dentics and I have had multiple members of my family treated there. All members of my family received outstanding care and work. We think of the Dentics staff as extended family. 


Leona I had 18 teeth extracted, all my teeth on top and 7 teeth at the bottom. My teeth have been destroyed by two dentists in Canada. Dentics removed all the infected bone and tissue that was there for 5 years. They did 5 bone grafts and installed membrane along with 10 implants, 6 on top and 4 on the bottom where the molars are. My husband was informed while surgery was performed and was allowed to check in on me from time to time. They performed surgery like clockwork


I found Dentics Cancun to be incredibly professional and compassionate. I was met at the airport by Martin who works at the clinic. He also brought me to and from the hotel for my appointments as well as assisting with my procedure. I was incredibly nervous about the procedure but Dr Sanchez and Martin kept me calm during the procedure. 

I cannot say enough good things about this clinic and about the work of Dr Sanchez. It has been such a relief to be treated so well and to have the procedure explained so well before even arriving in Cancun.


We have been thrilled with Martin and Dr Sanchez. Their service in making you feel completely safe from start to finish is impeccable. The quality of work is first class and the discounted prices make it truly a bargain. I have had veneers installed while my husband has had nearly every tooth in his mouth replaced with implants by Dr Sanchez. I cannot recommend them enough


Blvd Kukulcán Km 8.5
Plaza Caracol 3rd floor,
Hotel Zone, Cancún,
Qintana Roo. 77500