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Maybe you heard it from a friend or perhaps you saw an advert on the social media. Regardless of where you got the idea of dentistry in Mexico from, now you are doing your research to learn if what they say is true. So, to help you find all the information you need regarding dental tourism in Mexico, here’s a summarized guide with everything you need to know before you take this big step.

First of all, its true that Mexico receives approximately 1.2 million visitors annually from all over the world, but mainly from the US and Canada, due to the reputation of great dental specialists, offering top quality attention and world-class facilities, but with rates that will let you save up to 60% on some of the most popular treatments.

Why is Dentistry in Mexico so Popular?

Costs & Insurance

You already know that the prices of treatments like tooth veneers or dental implants in Mexico are way lower in the US or Canada, but did you know that most of them are not even covered by insurance in your hometown? The thing is that procedures are so expensive in those countries that their cost is likely to exceed the annual limit of almost any dental plan.

Short Waiting Times

Did you know that dental clinics in Mexico usually have several experts offering different specialties in the same facility? Of course, that allows you to finish your procedures faster, and save on lodging and transportation too.

Availability of Procedures

Some of the most sought after dental treatments in Mexico are:

Dental implants

This procedure is usually completed in three different stages, but considering the current low costs of airfare and transportation, you will be able to make the most of these fantastic savings.


For those who cannot travel that much, this procedure is a very good option, as you can get it done in two appointments. But don’t worry, you will be provided with temporary dentures until the procedure is completed.


This is a very convenient treatment, as the prices are lower. Of course they are not guaranteed to last more than five years, but some specialists can offer a thinner option of veneers made from porcelain to achieve a better look and durability.

Your dental expert in Mexico will help you find the treatment that better suits you. If you would like to learn more about dentistry in Mexico, get in touch with Dentics CancunLet yourself be surprised by our discount rates and warm attention. Our professionals will assist you with everything you may need in order to set this dental trip to Mexico.

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Copyright 2023 by Dentics Cancun®. All rights reserved.