Your Dental Crown Procedure in Mexico: What To Expect

A dental crown is the top part of the tooth, the one that can be seen over the gums. Getting crowns is an excellent way to protect damaged teeth from developing cavities, they also make it easier to chew, talk, and improve the appearance of your smile.

What are dental crowns made of?

Porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, and metals like gold and silver are the most common materials to make crowns, their price range is wide depending on the material and procedure of choice. However, it is most likely to cost a pretty penny – this is when going to Mexico starts sounding like a great idea!

Why get dental crowns in Mexico?

In Mexico, one can get the same procedures with the same materials and the same expertise from the dentists as in the United States or Canada, but for a lower price. There are certain dental offices, like Dentics Cancun in the south of Mexico, that has dental specialist that belong to the American Dental Association.

Even when taking into account the costs of the plane tickets and hotel rooms, this could save you a few hundred and add you a nice little vacation in the Caribbean.

The procedure: Step by step

Your dental crown procedure will be easy no matter where you decide to take it. First, your dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and decide if you’re apt for a dental crown or should get another procedure like dental implants. Once you’re approved to get crowns, you will get a cleaning if required and then your dental specialist will reduce the teeth structure. This will prepare them for the dental crown.

You will get to choose the shape and color of your crown, the dental esthetician will make sure they match your other teeth and as they work on making them, you’ll get a temporary crown that will protect you from experiencing sensitivity towards temperature changes.

Once the crowns are perfect match and fit, you will get them adhered to the base with a special cement. If you’re able to bite, chew and talk normally, then that’s it! If not, the necessary adjustments will be done so you’re 100% happy with the outcome.

Aftercare for dental crowns

If  you want your dental crowns to last for over a decade, then you must follow these three key aspects:

  1. Brush your teeth on a regular basis, for over a minute each time
  2. Floss everyday! Paying special attention to the tooth with crowns
  3. Get a cleaning with your dentist at least once each year

Another great way to make sure that the crowns will last is to check your dental specialists´ policies, some have a 10-year warranty like Dentics Cancun. Their technique is to re-shape the tooth in a certain angle so the root doesn’t harm the gums and these remain on their same position for many years.

What if crowns are not for me?

If even after reading everything about how dental crowns are made and installed, you feel like they are not the ideal procedure for you, don’t worry. There are other procedures that could be better, that is the case of dental implants that do last for a lifetime because instead of keeping the roots, you get a post made of porcelain or metal.

Dental bonding is another way of enhancing the looks of your teeth, the only difference is that instead of having two layers (the adhesive and the crown) you just get a layer of resin which is shaped the way you want it. Perfect for enhancing that smile of yours!