Why should you choose Dentics Cancun?

Your dental vacation should be a simple, hassle-free experience, so choosing the best dental specialists to take care of your smile is an essential task. There are dozens of aspects to consider before making that important choice but these are the most important ones…

  1. Their expertise

All patients are different and all dentists are different, so before hopping on the next plane to Mexico make sure that the dentist you like knows how to perform the procedures you need in the way that you want. Asking is a mandatory way of getting this information. However, checking where they studied, how many associations they belong to and the number of years they have of experience are also essential aspects to check.

In Dentics you can be assured that the dental specialists when to the top schools in Mexico, have over a decade of experience, and belong to the most prestigious dental associations in Mexico, Spain, and even the United States.

    2. Their service

All dentists in Mexico are very professional but only the best have websites and facebook pages where you can read the reviews of their former patients, which is very helpful for knowing what kind of service to expect.

You can check Dentics Cancun wholesome reviews on their website or facebook page, some feature very emotional moments like when a patient got so excited about her new smile that she cried and the doctor cried with her. Which leads us to our next aspect to evaluate before booking your dental vacation.

    3. The communication

Communication is key for a nice and easy dental vacation. When in doubt of who to choose for being your dentist just pick the one who answers first – those are the real deal! Getting to exchange ideas with your dentist is crucial before booking your appointment which is why they should speak fluent English… or you should speak fluent Spanish.

In Cancun, most dentists speak fluent English but Dentics Cancun’s expert team has a way of communicating that is clear enough so you’ll get to understand how they do the procedures and all of the pros and cons of your options.

      4. The Location of their Office

When you choose a dentist that lives hundreds of miles away from your home, casually driving by their office to check out how it looks on the outside is impossible. But there are alternatives – google maps is a great one for checking out the area and making sure it looks good.

Dentics is a perfect example of a dental office with a great location because it is right in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone; this is the part with the five-star resorts, white sand beaches and a mesmerizing lagoon called Nichupté. If everyone’s dentist had a chair with ocean view maybe everyone will be looking forward to getting a toothache!

Once you have the four key aspects figured out, the last and most important one comes to the table:

        5. The ease of scheduling your dental vacation

If the dentist you choose is hard to contact, then you chose the wrong one! The process of scheduling should be as easy as with Dentics Cancun. It is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Open their website
  2. Go to the contact tab
  3. Dial their toll-free number
  4. Get more information
  5. Book your dental vacation!

And there are plenty of alternatives to this, you can email them instead of calling them – or even just send them a private message via facebook messenger… So yeah, you’re just a PM away from your best smile!