Dental Tourism Mexico:What to Do After Your Mexican Dental Tourism Trip

Are you unsure about taking a dental vacation in Cancun, Mexico? Perhaps you’re wondering if is it really worth it to travel all the way to another country for some crowns or implants. The answer is not yeas – it is HELL , YES! Asides from saving thousands of dollars, you can sneak in a few fantastic experiences you wouldn’t get in your hometown.

During the first days of your dental tourism trip, you can do pretty much anything you want: tanning, drinking, snorkeling, parasailing, you name it! That is because -in most cases- you only have a dental checkup the first day.

However, a day before and a day after the surgery or procedure, you’ll need special cares like avoiding being under the sun, not drinking sugary beverages, etc. Here are some things that you can do to enjoy your vacation during those days still:

1.  Visit the Maya Museum

Cancun has an interesting museum about the Maya civilization – it is just a few minutes away from most hotels and the dentist office. Checking it out will take you about an hour, and it is not too big, so you don’t have to walk much.

It has a small archeological zone called San Miguelito, which you can explore if your dentist didn’t advise you against being under the sunrays. It’s short in comparison to other sites like Chichen Itza or Uxmal.

2. Hop on a glass-bottom boat

If you’re not allowed to exercise or to be under the sun after your procedure, there are still ways to admire the mighty underwater flora and fauna of the Caribbean. That is inside of a glass-bottom boat!

They usually have A/C and a tour guide to explain all of the beautiful coral formations and colorful fish that you could encounter. It’s just like snorkeling but much more confortable.

3. Take a moment to brag about your trip

All of the crazy adventures you lived during your first days of this Mexican dental tourism trip need to be shared! Take a moment to send some pictures to your loved ones, perhaps skype with them and show them the view from your hotel room.

Or go big and upload the photos and videos to your facebook. That way, even your neighbors and friends from middle school that you haven’t seen in years can feel jealous of your cool trip.

4. Read books by the beach

There’s nothing more relaxing than putting a bathing suit on, finding a beautiful spot by a palm tree, and taking out a good old book to enjoy for the rest of the day. Very few of us have the luxury of spending a day as relaxed and carefree as this one.

5. Enjoy the panoramic view of Cancun

In Cancun, you can admire the sea and lagoon without hanging from the harness of a parachute. That’s because there’s a Ferris Wheel and a Panoramic Tower, both located in the hotel zone.

Possibly the best part is that you don’t need to walk under the hot Mexican sun because the best time to go is around six or seven in the afternoon. That way you’ll get a good look of the stunning sunset. Oh! And they also have air conditioning, which is perfect for post-surgery patients.

So now that you know a few of the hundreds of things you could do after your Mexican dental tourism trip, go ahead and schedule it with the team of experts from Dentics Cancun.