What is it like to get dental work in Mexico?

Dentistry in the US can be very expensive so I chose to get dental work in Mexico and I’m here to answer some of the questions you may have before venturing yourself into an international journey for perfecting your smile

How much cheaper are dental treatments in Mexico?

Oh boy! Prices are about a fourth of what I would have paid with my local dentist in Philly, of course, it depends on what you want to get done – in my case I needed dental implants which usually cost about $1,000usd but I got a discount I needed eight. You can check the price rates for the clinic that I used here.

Where did you go for your implants?

I decided to go south – specifically to Cancun with a nice little dental office called Dentics Cancun. They are very professional, speak fluent English and even arranged ground transportation for me, they are the best of the best.

How did you arrange the appointment?

It was all online, they have complete info on their website so I just called their number (which is toll-free and all) and started asking a bunch of questions. Once they were covered we proceded to arrange a meeting via Skype and afterward I booked my first appointment.

Did you have to go many times all the way to Mexico?

Yes, this procedure actually required me to go down there twice because you get a post first, then it heals and you get the actual implant. The procedure they use is called All-on-4 so it took about 5 or 6 months for my jawbone to heal. I think other treatments can be done in just one visit but you’d have to check first.

How did you get there?

There are direct flights from Philadelphia all the way to Cancun so I flew there with AA, it takes about 4 hours to get there and once I landed at the International Cancun Airport there was a van waiting for me. That’s the best part about Dentics, they even arrange ground transportation for you!

What happened once you got to their office?

I didn’t have to go to the dental office right away, the first day I checked in on my hotel and slept because it was a bit late, probably around 9:00 PM. But the next day they also had a van pick me up and take me to the dental place, once inside I met Dr. Sanchez and we chit chatted a bit before getting started, she was really nice and spoke fluent English.

So do you recommend getting dental work in Mexico?

Definitely, I saved almost a thousand American dollars! It probably would have been way more if I had booked my room in an Airbnb instead of a beach resort but hey! It’s Cancun! Overall the service was wonderful, I am enjoying the results so far and I got to save money while traveling to a new country so it is worth the hassle.