This is the top Cosmetic Dentistry Clinics in Cancun

There are plenty of cosmetic dentistry clinics in Cancun and the world, so how can one tell which one is the best? Well, the answer lies within its clients – the people whose smiles are the results of a cosmetic dentist’s work.

So we decided to choose Cancun, a popular dental tourism destination, to get some testimonies, along with a few tips to choose the best dental office for your dental tourism trip.

cosmetic dentistry clinics in Cancun

Do you know why dental implants are so important? The man in that picture is missing an eyebrow too, but the thing we all notice first is his smile. That’s a funny example of why looking for an excellent dentist is so essential… but who does the best dental implants in Cancun?

Testimonies of people who got dental implants in Cancun

We asked Denise Dugas about her experience getting dental implants, she is a happily retired woman from New Hampshire who has gotten her fair share of cosmetic dentistry. This is what she said:

I wish I could give them 10 stars! Dr. Sanchez and her team are the absolute best. I have had procedures done from in-office Anesthesia to Zirconia Implants and pretty much everything in between. Dr. Sanchez is an absolute perfectionist, the offices are spotless and ultra modern, the staff is professional, friendly and always willing to go above and beyond. And if that wasn’t reason enough to love them, the prices are fantastic. You will pay at least 60-70% more in the US. Both my periodontist and my dentist in the states told me that I would not be able to have implants due to my advanced bone loss and yet Dr. Sanchez made it happen and I could not be happier with the outcome.

-Denise Dougas

Looking for a more complete picture on people who have gotten dental implants in Cancun, we stumbled upon Bahn A’s testimony. She is from Alberta, Canada and needed dental implants. 

After doing some research and seeing that the prices in Mexico are worth the trip, she decided to travel all the way to Mexico to get her implants from Dr. Sanchez in Dentics Cancun. This is her experience:

I would like to share my very recent experience with Dentics Cancun. I had an exceptional care that started as soon as the first contact onwards. Alex and Martin were amazing at organizing my visit, appointments, travel and answering all of my many questions. Nurse Giselle was so gentle, kind and caring and she worked so hard on my teeth and assisted the doctors in the main procedures too.

Dr. Sanchez was simply exceptional. She has the most gentle touch and calming voice. I felt completely safe and in great hands with her. She was professional and she told me exactly what I needed to have done and she fixed anything that needed fixing. She ensured I had enough local anaesthetic when my inner gum and the roof of my mouth got too sore at the end of a crown placement that made me cry. She was so kind to me and she numbed the area immediately. Dr. Carlos did my phase one dental implants surgery with Giselle and 2 other nurses assisting. I truly felt I was surrounded by angels, not humans, and my apprehension melted away in the presence of such caring and gentle team.

Thank you so much team Sanchez for all you did for me, I truly appreciate your great care. I look forward to seeing you in few months for stage 2 of the implants.

I highly recommend Dentics Cancun.

  • Bahn, A.

Tips for choosing the best cosmetic dentistry clinic

Once we had heard the testimonies of these amazing ladies, we asked if they had any tips for choosing an excellent dental office. They were kind enough to tell us how they knew Dentics Cancun was going to be the best Cosmetic Dentistry clinic in Cancun and were proven right. We listened, we took notes, and here you have them: 4 tips for choosing the best option for you and your smile

  1. Make sure it is a legitimate place

You’re hundreds of kilometers away from the dental office, so you need to make sure it is not  a scam. How do you do that? Stalk their social media, check their website, send them emails, check everywhere for red flags.

  1. Check the services they offer

Do you need veneers? crowns? implants? a good old whitening? It doesn’t matter! You check how many services they offer and make sure they at least have those four because you never know if what you think needs an implant is only in need of a little teeth bonding? 

  1. Call them and ask a bunch of questions

This will help you kill two birds with one stone: first, you get to solve the questions you had. And second, you test their customer service. Make sure they are kind and patient with you, all good cosmetic dentistry clinics in Cancun and the world are.

  1. Do they have good deals?

Some dental offices, like Dentics Cancun, go out of their way to make sure their patients are comfortable by offering transportation and even a condo for their stay in cancun. We asked Cori Kesler if she recommended this kind of package and this what she told us:

A friend of mine needed major dental work and found Dentics Cancun and suggested that we make a trip of it. I wasn’t in need of major work but I’d not been to the dentist in years so a cleaning and whitening was in order. We called to make appointments.

From the moment we contacted Dentics the service was impeccable. Email inquiries were answered quickly and there was absolutely no sales pressure. The Patient Coordinator, Olga, met us at the airport upon arrival and brought us to our condo. A couple of days later they picked us up and transported us to the clinic. I am not fond of going to the dentist (which is why I’d not been in so long) but Dr. Naxy was so kind and the cleaning and whitening treatments was SO gentle that I couldn’t help but be calm and relaxed. I was very happy with the results and the price.

While I didn’t need any follow up visits, my friend did and they, once again, came to the condo and transferred her to and from the clinic. She was very happy with her treatments which cost a fraction of the cost that she would have paid in Montana.

At the end of the week the Olga came and drove us back to the airport.

I’ve never had such great service from a dental office and I don’t think I’ve ever had a better experience. If I could go back every six months for cleanings I would. Certainly, should I need any major work, I will return to Dentics. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

-Cori Kesler