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Competitive Advantage


Nano Ceramic



Feels Like Natural Teeth



Shock Absorbing

Flexes Under Stress

Stain Resistant

Reparable Chairside

Adjustable Chairside

Cost form

Nano Ceramic

Lightweight alternative to zirconium restoration

Nano-Ceramic is a great long-term solution for patients with low bone density.

Break and wear-resistant compared to acrylic

Tecno Med Mineral Nano Ceramic base material of Nano-Ceramic is highly bent and break resistant; individual zirconium crowns are durable and stain free.

Piece of mind adjustments and repair

Nano-Ceramic made of unbreakable nano ceramic base with individual zirconium crowns simplify the repair and adjustment of the restoration if required. No laboratory time involved.

Flex and bend

High flexural strength that achieved through special ceramic reinforcement and the semi-crystalline arrangement of molecular chains makes the base of Nano-Ceramic unbreakable. Its elasticity is similar to human bone and provides comfort wear as natural teeth do.

Metal Free Restoration

Nano-Ceramic made of Tecno Med Mineral - the thermoplastic high quality resin - becomes the top choice as a metal free restoration .

Non Allergenic

Biocompatibility and biostability makes Nano-Ceramic absolutely harmless to you.

Nano Ceramic

There is an alternative for final structure available that offers higher quality material - Nano Ceramic Implant Supported Restoration. It is a new metal-free option for permanent teeth replacement. This wear-resistant, non-abrasive and chemically stable material is extremely biocompatible and biostable. The Tech Med Mineral material from Zirkonzan company is used to complete the base of the restoration with the shape for individual teeth following by cementation of zirconium or porcelain individual crowns.

This type of restoration helps us to create a natural looking smile that feels as your own teeth because flexible material follows your anatomy and fits in the most comfortable way possible. The latest on the market, the restoration proven to be the most comfortable. The unique ceramic reinforcement ensures long-term stability. It is also stain resistant. Nano Ceramic Implant Supported Restoration can be an alternative for patients that cannot qualify for solid Zirconium Superstructure due to the heavy weight. The base of Nano Ceramic is very light. The zirconium crowns are the only heavy component.

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