Single Implants

Straumann Dental implants are a modern technology to replace missing teeth. Patients who have lost teeth to injury or gum disease can choose to have an implant rather than a bridge or denture. This improves a patient’s smile, self esteem and quality of life.

Dental Implants Benefits

An implant acts as a foundation for an artificial tooth and provides the following benefits:

  • Natural appearance. Implants will match the color of natural teeth and will become a permanent part of the jaw. The result is a beautiful smile and increased self-confidence.
  • Improved eating and speaking. The patient can enjoy many different foods and speak with greater clarity. The sense of taste is improved because implants are smaller than standard dentures.
  • Implants are permanent and do not require adhesives and other daily maintenance like dentures.
  • Better oral health. Using an implant allows the patient to maintain regular brushing and flossing habits. In addition, not having a bridge means that surrounding teeth do not require reduction.

Implant Procedure

The first step is installing a titanium post and allowing the jawbone to heal, which can takes 6 months. The next stage is attaching an abutment, which is the post that will secure the new tooth. The dentist will take an impression of the teeth to assist in the creation of the replacement tooth. The final step is attaching the tooth to the abutment. Some patients may request a removable denture instead of a crown. The entire implant process is nearly painless with many patients reporting only minor discomfort.

Implant Care

Implants do not require any special care and should be treated as a regular tooth. The patient should floss, brush and use an antiseptic rinse to maintain optimal oral health. Implants are extremely durable and will usually last for a lifetime.

Dental implants are an excellent alternative to dentures, providing better hygiene, a natural appearance and more convenience to the patient. Those who are interested in implants should discuss their needs with a dentist and check with their insurance company for coverage options.

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