All on 4, all on 6

Dentics Cancun specializes to work together to provide all the necessary dental implant procedures to solve your problems applying the most advance techniques and sterilization procedures according to “cofepris” regulations. For your safety and confidence, we use state of the art equipment, including computer dental radiography (98% less radiation), intra oral video cameras and other advance technology during the dental implant surgery to ensure the best possible outcome.

We only use the most reputable dental implant brands on the market such as: Straumann, Noble Biocare and Bicon. These known brands have proven scientifically long term success and in some cases guarantee.

Dental implants are considering one of the most common procedures in dentistry and have been in use for over 30 years. Implants (made from titanium) can be used to support a number of other dental prostheses including crowns, bridges, fix hybrid dentures, snap on dentures. malformed teeth, severe developmental discolorations or even heavily restored teeth.

All on Four dental implants aren’t actually a type of dental implant. All on Four is a technique or protocol. The technique was developed in Europe by Dr. Paulo Malo together with Nobel Biocare™ for the placement and restoration of full arches of upper and/or lower teeth. It can be an ideal tooth replacement solution when a patient has numerous teeth in either their upper and lower arches are missing or unrestorable. Four or more dental implants are placed in the jawbone. The full arch of replacement teeth is then secured to these dental implants.

Using the All On Four technique, we can provide our patients with beautiful, functional non-removable teeth. In some cases, there is no requirement of a lengthy wait of six months for implants to integrate in other cases there is. The teeth are non-removable, look and feel like natural teeth, and can provide the added benefit of preserving the bone structure of your jaw. These protocols can alleviate so much of what people dislike about the more conventional appliance. Some of the benefits of all on four dental implants include:

  • No slippage or sore spots
  • The preservation of the jawbone
  • The look and feel of natural teeth
  • Regaining almost all of your natural chewing and biting ability
  • Not having your dentures removed when checking into a hospital
  • The ability to eat the foods you want to eat instead of the foods your dentures will allow you to eat.
  1. Pulpotmy
  2. Amalgam Silver filling
  3. Dental Implants
  4. Replacement
  5. Extractions
  6. Bleaching At Home
  7. Oral sedation & Anesthesia
  8. Periodontal Procedures
  9. Composite (Tooth Colored) Fillings
  10. Cosmetic Treatment
  11. Root Canal Treatment
  12. Crown & Bridge Prosthetics
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