There are hundreds of options for Mother’s Day presents out there – but just one that will make her smile the brightest, the gift of good health and a dazzling smile

This unconventional present is perfect for giving your mom a makeover like never before because it will help renew her teeth’s appearance and provide a more comfortable chewing experience, great for enjoying the most out of those mother’s day brunches.

With prices going as high as $600 USD for each piece, you may begin to worry that this present is a little too much for your budget – but here is when the fun begins. As searching for alternatives, we found out that in Mexico can save you over $100 for each of these small, white, precious gifts.

By this point, you might have guessed what it is all about – yes! we’re talking about nothing more and nothing less than dental veneers. These prosthetics adhere to the surface of the teeth which makes them perfect for repairing chips, discoloration, and odd shapes.

But wait… did you say something about Mexico?

Cancun, a popular tourist destination in Mexico, happens to be the best place to get veneers or crowns because of the fact that dental procedures are cheap but are made with the same materials as in the US. They are also are made by experienced cosmetic dentists – some of them even belong to the American Dental Association!

Dental Cancun procedures go from simple porcelain veneers all the way to All On 4’s dental implants, passing through teeth bonding, teeth whitening, dental crowns, and more services that can help you get the best smile possible without emptying your wallet.

We’re not saying that a lavish dental vacation in Mexico is the absolute best present in the world for all moms because they are all different and have different likes, needs, and expectations. So be sure to check out many options before settling for a product or experience to give to your mom on this important day.

Tips for making this gift perfect for her

To avoid all chances of your mother getting angry at you for suggesting that she needs help with her smile, try to talk to her more about the topic beforehand and preferably ask if she would actually like to get veneers or another dental procedure. Once you know the answer, it is time to pack your bags for a little dental vacation in Cancun.

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