Improve Your Smile Just in Time for School

A new school year begins, and that means new school pictures. Improve Your Smile to rock on that photo with these six easy tips:

  1. Get those pearls shining

If those long summer days left your teeth a bit yellow because of all that iced coffee or tea – there’s a solution. Buy a whitening toothpaste – it may not show results immediately, but in a few weeks you’ll surely be able to see the difference.

For a more extreme makeover, opt for a professional teeth whitening. You dentist will determine if you’re apt for this procedure, and if you are, you’ll get those pearls shining in a heartbeat.

  1. Watch what you eat There are plenty of foods that could damage your teeth in ways you don’t even know. Acidic foods, for example, are very harmful to your tooth enamel; they dissolve it and leave the teeth exposed.

Sticky foods are also a threat to dental health because they stay longer between the teeth and could cause cavities. Finally, sugary treats are as harmful as acidic foods because they attack the enamel.

If there’s one thing you must avoid eating is sour candy because it is acid, sticky, and sugary. Try to replace it instead with fruits like apples instead – it will be excellent not just for your dental health but your health in general.

  1. Metal* straws are life-savers

Sports drinks, coffee, soda, orange juice – all of those great drinks we all know and love, happen to do an awful lot of harm to our teeth. If you’re not into the idea of just drinking water, bring a straw with you, so the sugary liquid doesn’t touch your teeth.

*We suggest using metal straws to reduce single-use plastic consumption but it is totally up to you if you like plastic, or even glass better.

  1. Don’t forget about the basics

Brushing at least twice a day + flossing is essential for keeping your teeth healthy and free from plaque. Sometimes with school, homework, clubs, and all, one can forget about the basics of dental health so if to remember to brush you need to set alarms on your phone, place post its in your mirror, etc. do it! Cavities can appear quicker than you realize.

  1. Keep calm and carry on

Stress makes us want to bite into things like our nails, pens, etc. Avoid damaging your teeth this school year by doing breathing exercises to calm your nerves instead of biting random objects. Chewing gum is a great option, too – if allowed.

  1. Ask a professional

If you feel like these few tips aren’t enough to perfect your smile, a quick visit to the dentist may help you figure out what needs special care inside of your mouth. Be sure to follow these tips, your dentist’s instructions and your smile will be perfect just in time for school.
BONUS TIP​: Remember that all smiles are amazing, so even if your teeth are not perfectly aligned, or you find them a bit yellowish – still smile when you feel happy. Don’t let your insecurities stop you from enjoying the moment