Dentics Cancun is a professional dental clinic staffed with highly trained personnel for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity. We at Dentics Cancun offer the most professional and ethical treatment in an affordable manner while being governed by our high standards of care.

Dentics offers creative solution to our patients with our goal and complete patients satisfaction. We honor and respect the help from our master dental technician Mr. Carlos Garcia, who brings over 10 years of experience to our practice Mr. Garcia is well trained and certify with the latest technology by courses in Mexico, Europe and USA. He is highly proficient in aesthetics, functionality, digital smile designs, surgical guides, restoration of implants and restoration of all on 4 throughout Cad/Cam.

For your peace of Mind

At Dentics Cancun our team of specialist only work with top dental implant brands, Straumman, (Neodent-Staumman group brand) and Nobel.

5-year guarantee

For ceramic abutments and ceramic screw-retained bars and bridges attached to an implant and for tooth- and implant-supported ceramic restorations.

10-year guarantee

For Straumann® Novaloc® abutments and metal screw-retained bars and bridges attached to an implant and for tooth- and implant-supported metal and resin nano ceramic restorations.


Finalized restorations are replaced with equivalent implant and equivalent metal abutment.


This is an addition (to the standard Lifetime Guarantee) for Roxolid® implants: replacement with equivalent implant and equivalent abutment, if necessary, and treatment compensation if the implant fractures.

Materials we used

Our lab master technician mission goal is to meet the needs of our patients by offering material system and cutting edge techniques with the latest equipment and technology from leading brands in America and Europe Market.

  • E- max Ips, Ips d.SIGN (registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent).
  • Ice Zirkon (Zirkonzahn registered trademark).
  • Cerabien Czr (Noritake registered trademark).
  • Signum Ceramis (Kulzer Heraus registered trademark).