Dental Tourism Destinations: Top 10

Dental Tourism Destinations: These ten cities have amazing qualities, some have gorgeous beaches, others a roaring night life, some more have quite the gastronomic offer. But they all have one thing in common: affordable dentistry that doesn’t compromise quality.

Have you ever wondered if you could sneak in a little vacation while getting your smile perfected? The answer is yes! So get your passport because this is the world’s top 10 dental tourism destinations:

Bangkok‎, Thailand

Bangkok is probably not the first city that pops into your mind when you think about getting dental implants. However, with prices as low as a Standard Titanium Dental Implant for $765 USD one can guess why it is such a major dental tourism destination.

Bali, Indonesia

With its luxurious resorts, luscious jungles, and low costs on cosmetic dentistry, this popular city among honeymooners, young travelers, and influencers, is also very popular among australians that seek a more affordable dental care.

Selangor, Malaysia

A city near Kuala Lumpur is another popular spot for getting cheap dental implants. With over twenty clinics, Selangor offers a wide variety of prices ranging from $800 to $900 USD each titanium implant. This one may be a little more expensive than the other destinations but the quality of services is definitely worth the extra 30 bucks.

Manila, Philippines

Manila is yet another town visited by australians looking for a perfect smile and some sun. Churches, fortresses, parks and aquariums represent this historical city, but prices ranges as cheap as those in bangkok but with cheaper flights represent why MAnila is in the Top Ten Dental Tourism Destinations.

Budapest, Hungary

For europeans there are fewer options for getting a perfect smile without breaking the bank. Budapest is tied with Istanbul when it comes to price ranges: Their cheapest options go for as low as $480 USD which is definitely worth a 3 hour flight.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a city filled with museums and historical jewels like Santa Sofía, Topkapi and Bósforo. All are amazing places to visit after your dental procedur that can go for as low as $480 USD. Another european dental tourism destinations are spain and Poland. 

Bogota, Colombia

Moving on to America, Bogota is a colombian city that offers mind-blowing prices starting as low as $555 USD for a dental implant. It is also a beautiful place to get soaked in colombian culture because it has numerous museums, monuments and historical places. Not to mention its imposing mountains. 

Managua, Nicaragua

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua, and it’s a city that can keep anyone entertained with is ports, natural reserves, and historical buildings like Catedral Santiago de Managua. But the part we care about the most in this top 10 is its dental implants for $700 to $800 USD

San José, Costa Rica

This central american gem is already a popular dental tourism destination on its own. But what makes it even more special is the quality of service that they offer for dental implants, the best part is its price range of $800 to $900 USD.

Cancun, Mexico

Finally, Cancun in Mexico is probably the city with the most qualified dentists in this whole list – most of them even belong to the American Dental Association.Combined with the top-notch service that characterizes Mexico, the clinics in Cancun are your best option. Their price range is a little higher starting at $900 each dental implant but with direct flights, first-class accomodations and amazing weather, it is definitely worth it.

Dental Tourism Destinations