Recently, the importance of oral health in the quality of life of people and how it affects their self-esteem and well-being began to be discussed.

The health of the oral cavity is essential in functions as vital as food, communication, affection and sexuality, in addition to its relationship with aspects of a physiological, psychological and social nature.

The smile – together with the eyes – constitutes, in some cases, our letter of introduction to the world. Through them, we show our state of health, our mood, and communicate with others through the use of language.

The eyes and mouth are the first thing we perceive when we meet a person, and it is probably what we pay more attention to – at least visually – when we talk with someone.

However, it is critical to keep in mind that the importance of oral health is not limited only to its aesthetic function. Through the mouth, and thanks to healthy teeth, we can perform various vital functions, some of them rather biological, such as chewing and swallowing, which are the beginning of digestion; and others, rather social, such as phonation and smile.

If we break down the aesthetic function that oral health has, we will see that having healthy teeth, or not, will influence our self-esteem, on the ability to communicate with others in a fluid, pleasant and effective way, and therefore, on our development on a social level.

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