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Price List

Initial Examination/Consultation$50 USD
Single X-Ray (bitewing or periapical)$10 USD
Panoramic X-Rays$50 USD
CT Scan/3D X-ray 3D$150 USD
Cleaning, Whitening, Fillings & Extractions
Regular Teeth Cleaning$60 USD
Deep Cleaning, Scaling & Root Planing (per quadrant)$100 USD
Laser Teeth Whitening$100 USD
Teeth Whitening, take home kit$175 USD
Composite Filling (1 surface)$65 USD
Composite Filling (2 surface)$95 USD
Composite Filling (3 surface)$125 USD
Extraction (simple)$70 USD
Extraction (surgical or impacted)$150 USD
3rd Molar Extraction$300 USD
Full Porcelain/Ceramic Crown$420 USD
Zirconia Crown$450 USD
Porcelain Veneer$420 USD
Zirconia Veneer$450 USD
Inlay/Onlay$420 USD
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (precious alloy)$500 USD
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (standard alloy)$380 USD
Porcelain Fused to Gold Crown$750 USD
Composite Veneer (direct bonding)$170 USD
Temporary Crown/Veneer$50 USD
Implant Procedures
Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only)$950 USD
Zirconia Dental Implant (metal free)$1350 USD
zygomatic implants$2500 USD
Bone graft (per cc)$200 USD
Membrana$100 USD
Sinus lift$1500 USD
Mini Implant$550 USD
Impression Post$150 USD
Custome Abutment$250 USD
Ball Abutment (Snap on Denture)$250 USD
Root Canal Treatment
Root canal Therapy Anterior$250 USD
Root canal Therapy Bicuspid$275 USD
Root canal Therapy Molar$300 USD
Root canal Therapy Retreatment$350 USD
Apicoectomy$250 USD
Post And Core Build-up$150 USD
Acrylic Denture Maxillar$580 USD
Acrylic Denture Mandibular$580 USD
Snap on Denture Maxillar$600 USD
Snap on Denture Mandibular$600 USD
Partial Denture, Acrylic Frame$350 USD
Partial Denture, Metal Frame$400 USD
Fix Hybrid Denture Maxillar$4500 USD
Fix Hybrid Denture Mandibular$4500 USD
Temporary Partial or Flipper$150 USD
Housing or O´ring (Snap on Denture)$150 USD
Locator (Snap on Denture)$250 USD
Metal Braces$1100 USD
Clear Brace$1500 USD
Invisalign$3500 USD
Other Procedures
IV Sedation (by anesthesiologist)$500 USD
Night guard (soft plastic)$60 USD
Night guard (hard plastic)$100 USD
  1. Pulpotmy
  2. Amalgam Silver filling
  3. Dental Implants
  4. Replacement
  5. Extractions
  6. Bleaching At Home
  7. Oral sedation & Anesthesia
  8. Periodontal Procedures
  9. Composite (Tooth Colored) Fillings
  10. Cosmetic Treatment
  11. Root Canal Treatment
  12. Crown & Bridge Prosthetics
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