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How Much Does All On 4 Cost in Mexico

We have all heard about the benefits of some dental services practiced in Mexico. With only a quick research, you can find countless testimonials of patients who place their trust on this country’s health services, for all kinds of reasons, such as saving and traveling in order to get the best treatments; but how accurate is that?

In the last decades, our southern neighbor has gained a well-deserved fame for their health services, considering aspects like budget, facilities, and certificated professionals. Among all health professionals, dentists in Mexico are gaining the most popularity due to the high-quality results achieved in thousands of patients who travel to destinations like Cancun; a beautiful place where dental tourism grew-up as fast as the city.


What is the All On 4 Prosthesis?


This procedure consists of a fixed full arch denture with four dental implants; it is ideal for patients who have lost their teeth totally or partially, or for patients with decayed or compromised teeth due to gum diseases, and it offers several benefits:

  • Better quality of life

Your quality of life will improve immediately, as an experienced dentist will be able to place the dental implants, following with the full arch prosthesis on the same day.

  • High stability

If you are missing some teeth and there is not much bone left, this treatment is a great option for you, since its implants are longer than regular ones, allowing a perfect stability, as they maximize contact from four different points.

  • Lower costs

Some other implants require longer and more complex surgical procedures, while all on 4 implants can be placed in one day, thus translating into shorter surgery times and lower costs.


Dental Implants in Cancun


In addition to being one of the main tourist destinations in Latin America, Cancun has positioned itself as a highly popular destination for dental tourism in Mexico due to its world-class facilities and cutting-edge technology, the great connectivity of its international airport, and the unbeatable rates of dental implants in Cancun.

In summary, getting your all on 4 denture in Mexico is a simple and affordable option, you just have to be careful finding a certified professional and a good deal that lets you travel to a beautiful destination like Cancun, where you will get the best attention, and maybe get to enjoy some of the area attractions as well.

If you would like to know more about all on 4 procedure in Mexico, Dentics Cancun guarantees the most professional attention in comfortable facilities that will turn your experience into the most pleasant occasion.

We know that finding a dentist in Cancun may not be that complicated, but when it comes to your health, you should always look for the best. Get in touch with us; let us know about your expectations, and one of our specialists will guide you as of now, till the moment you feel confident to smile, eat, and enjoy life the way you deserve.

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¿Cuánto Cuesta un All On 4 en México?

Seguramente habrás escuchado acerca de los beneficios de realizarte algún servicio

dental en Mexico. Con una búsqueda rápida encontrarás una gran cantidad de

testimoniales de pacientes, quienes confiaron en los servicios de salud de este país, por

varias razones, que van desde ahorrar hasta la oportunidad de viajar para obtener el

mejor tratamiento; pero ¿qué tan real es esta idea?

En las últimas décadas, los servicios de salud en México han ido ganando una bien

merecida fama, si consideramos aspectos como presupuesto, instalaciones y

certificaciones profesionales. Entre todos los profesionales de la salud, los dentistas en

México se han vuelto más reconocidos debido a la alta calidad de resultados logrados en

miles de pacientes, quienes viajan a destinos como Cancún; un lugar muy hermoso,

donde el turismo dental se desarrolló tan rápido como la ciudad.


¿Qué es una Prótesis All On 4?

Este procedimiento consiste en una dentadura de arco completo, con cuatro implantes

fijos; es un tratamiento ideal para pacientes quienes han perdido piezas dentales, total o

parcialmente, o para pacientes cuyos dientes presentan un alto deterioro, por cuestiones

como padecimientos en las encías; estos son algunos de los mayores beneficios:


• Mejor calidad de vida

Disfrutarás una mejora inmediata en tu calidad de vida, ya que un dentista

experimentado es capaz de colocar los implantes dentales, y continuar con la prótesis

completa en el mismo día.


• Gran estabilidad

Si padeciste la pérdida de algunas piezas dentales y ya no queda mucho hueso,

este tratamiento también es una opción perfecta para ti, ya que sus implantes son más

alargados que los tradicionales, lo que permite una estabilidad perfecta al maximizar el

contacto desde cuatro puntos diferentes.


• Bajo costo

Algunos otros implantes requieren procedimientos más extensos y complejos,

mientras que los implantes all on 4 se pueden colocar el mismo día, lo que se traduce

en tiempos de cirugía más breves y costos más bajos.


Implantes Dentales en Cancún

Además de ser uno de los principales destinos turísticos en Latinoamérica, Cancún se ha

posicionado como un lugar preferido para el turismo dental en México, debido a sus

instalaciones de primer mundo, tecnología de última generación, a la gran conectividad de

su aeropuerto internacional, así como a las tarifas inmejorables de los implantes

dentales en Cancún.


En resumen, una dentadura con técnica all on 4 en México es una opción sencilla y

costeable; solo es importante tener el cuidado de encontrar a un profesional certificado y

una buena oferta, la cual te permita viajar a un hermoso destino como Cancún, en donde

puedes obtener la mejor atención y tal vez hasta disfrutar algunas de las atracciones de la



Si quieres conocer más sobre el procedimiento all on 4 en México, Dentics Cancún te

garantiza la atención más profesional en cómodas instalaciones que convertirán tu

experiencia en la ocasión más placentera.

Sabemos que encontrar un dentista en Cancún puede no ser tan complicado, pero

cuando se trata de tu salud, es importante siempre buscar a los mejores. Ponte en

contacto con nosotros; déjanos conocer tus expectativas, y uno de nuestros especialistas

te guiará desde ese instante, hasta que sientas esa gran confianza de sonreír y disfrutar

como te mereces.


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The cost of dental treatments in the United States and Canada is on the rise, and we know that for many people it is impossible to find safe clinics and with qualified personnel to perform these types of procedures.

Traveling to a dentist in Cancun, Mexico is one way to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your dental bill, plus it’s a great excuse for a vacation. That is why, with a significant saving of up to 60% in dental treatments in Cancun, it is no surprise that hundreds of people travel a year to this magnificent stage to return home with a better smile.

If you are thinking of traveling to the Mexican Caribbean adventure, and return home with a professional dental treatment, this is what you should know about Dentics Cancun and everything we have to offer.

This is what we offer you:

  • Excellent customer service
  • High level technology
  • High quality standards
  • Travel assitance
  • Free pick up transportation

Our prices:

There is no better price in the dental market than Dentics Cancun, with us you will save up to 60% including your flights and stay in the city!

In the United States and Canada even the best dental insurance policies rarely cover the full cost of dental restorations like crowns, bridges and dentures. They may pay out for a small proportion of the cost of dental implants, but cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and veneers are usually excluded.

This leaves many Americans and Canadians unable to pay for the treatment they really need for their teeth. But with Dentics Cancun, dental work becomes much cheaper, and you will have plenty of time to live incredible experiences.

These are our prices for the most requested treatments

Metal Braces $1100 USD
Clear Brace $1500 USD
Invisalign $3500 USD
Regular Teeth Cleaning $60 USD
Deep Cleaning, Scaling & Root Planing (per quadrant) $100 USD
Laser Teeth Whitening $100 USD
Full Porcelain/Ceramic Crown $420 USD
Zirconia Crown $450 USD
Porcelain Veneer $420 USD
Zirconia Veneer $450 USD
Composite Veneer (direct bonding) $170 USD
Temporary Crown/Veneer $50 USD


Other dental tourism hubs exist in Europe and Southeast Asia but for most North Americans, Mexico is the closest location for cheap dentistry. Those living near the border might travel to Los Algodones or Tijuana, but for those on the east coast it is quickest to catch a flight to Cancun.

Of course, because Cancun is a tourism hot-spot in its own right, many dental patients take advantage of the chance to have a vacation at the same time. Playa del Carmen, 45 minutes south along the coast, and Progreso, a few hours west, are also good spots for a dental vacation.


Dentics Cancun is a professional dental clinic staffed with highly trained personnel for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity. We at Dentics Cancun offer the most professional and ethical treatment in an affordable manner while being governed by our high standards of care.

Dentics offers creative solution to our patients with our goal and complete patients satisfaction. We honor and respect the help from our master dental technician Mr. Carlos Garcia, who brings over 10 years of experience to our practice Mr. Garcia is well trained and certify with the latest technology by courses in Mexico, Europe and USA. He is highly proficient in aesthetics, functionality, digital smile designs, surgical guides, restoration of implants and restoration of all on 4 throughout Cad/Cam.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Cancun and return home with a radiant smile, put yourself in the hands of Dentics Cancun! Visit our website and start the adventure

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Every year there are more foreigners who come to Mexico to undergo dental treatment, which has generated an important tourism in the field, and it is estimated that more than 50 thousand people could choose to visit Mexican lands this year.

According to data from the AMIC Dental, a foreign patient who makes use of dental services in Mexico saves up to 60%, compared to dental costs in their country, including accommodations, flights and dental work.

However, in Dentics Cancun we know that sometimes the price is not as important as quality, that is why we offer you the best dental work in Cancun and the Riviera Maya with with the guarantee of having the best specialists, equipment and facilities to make it possible for you to return home with an incredible smile.

In our clinic you will not only get affordable dental treatments, you also will receive the attention you deserve and Will be returning to your country with the best possible results.

In our facilities you will feel comfortable, safe and, most importantly, in a clean and completely sterilized environment that will guarantee excellent dental work without sanitary problems.

What do we offer you?

  • For your peace of Mind, at Dentics Cancun our team of specialists only work with top dental implant brands, Straumman, (Neodent-Staumman group brand) and Nobel.
  • 5-year guarantee for ceramic abutments and ceramic screw-retained bars and bridges attached to an implant and for tooth- and implant-supported ceramic restorations.
  • 10-year guarantee for Straumann® Novaloc® abutments and metal screw-retained bars and bridges attached to an implant and for tooth- and implant-supported metal and resin nano ceramic restorations.
  • Finalized restorations are replaced with equivalent implant and equivalent metal abutment.
  • An addition (to the standard Lifetime Guarantee) for Roxolid® implants: replacement with equivalent implant and equivalent abutment, if necessary, and treatment compensation if the implant fractures.

Also, Our lab master technician mission goal is to meet the needs of our patients by offering material system and cutting edge techniques with the latest equipment and technology from leading brands in America and Europe Market.

How to make possible a good dental care with us?

You can contact us through our website, on the phones 1 844 855 92 54 or +52 (998) 883 04 64 or email, where we will attend you in a personalized way and help you to solve each one of your doubts.

And if you are currently in Cancun, do not hesitate to visit us, our clinic is located on Blvd Kukulcán Km 8.5, Plaza Caracol 3rd floor, Hotel Zone, Cancun, Qintana Roo.

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