5 Ways Your Dental Health Affects You

Dental health is so vital for all of us because it prevents us from getting grave diseases; it helps us chew better, talk better, and look better. However, did you know good dental health could be related to good mental health?

Check out these 5 ways your dental health affects other parts of your body; number 4 might surprise you!

  1. Digestive system and Dental Health

As you know, the mouth is the very first organ in the digestive system; if we don’t take care of it, then getting the nutrients our body needs to survive would be impossible.

To keep a healthy mouth we must go further than just brushing our teeth: flossing and using mouthwash are great ideas.

2. How Bones and Dental Health correlate

Have you ever experiences jawbone pain? It is one of the most unsettling feelings to ever exist. It mostly happens because of oral health issues like teeth grinding, cavities and even gum disease. 

To avoid teeth grinding, try using a retainer for sleeping. For cavities, you must go to the dentist regularly, brush your teeth at least two times a day, and say no to sugary foods and drinks. 

3. Mental wellness and dental health relation

Did you know that smiling unchains a chemical reaction in the brain that makes you feel happier? That’s when having a healthy smile becomes important for achieving mental wellness. 

But it doesn’t end there: when you take care of your teeth and follow a routine each day, your mind understands that you’re valuable and deserving of time and care. This is an absolute boost in confidence!

An important note is that perhaps a dental care routine and a healthy smile won’t be enough to guarantee mental wellness. Having supportive relationships, a regular sleeping pattern, eating enough nutritious food and exercising are also very important factors.

4. Can bad dental hygiene cause nerve damage?

Wait! How do teeth have to do with the nervous system? Well, teeth have nerve endings which are covered by many layers of enamel. The damage can be originated by tooth decay once it finishes the enamel and leaves the nerves exposed. 

And it gets from bad to worse if bacteria get in contact with the nerves causing an infection. The symptoms can go from inflammation all the way to neurological damage if not treated.

So now that you know that a good dental hygiene prevents much more than bad breath 

5. Can oral health prevent grave diseases?

Did you know about the tooth-organ correlation? There is an interesting diagram called the Meridian Tooth Chart, where you can see which organs are related to each teeth. For example, the bottom left second molar is related to the left lung and the large intestine. 

It is believed that if you present problems in a tooth, you’ll soon present problems in its corresponding organ if you don’t treat it. Is it real? Can we prevent major diseases with that information? The answer is still unknown.

The only thing we know for sure is that you should do at least a yearly check up with your doctor and your dentist along with having healthy habits. That way you’ll be less likely to be affected by any of the problems listed in this article.

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