3 People Share their Opinions on our Dental Treatments

Dentics Cancun is a dental clinic located in the heart of Cancun, Mexico’s Hotel Zone. With a highly prepared team of experts, an impeccable dental office, and a true passion for their work, they are the best option for getting dental work done in Mexico. 

If reading such statement is not enough to convince you, great job! You probably read that in order to find an excellent Dentist in Mexico, you need to hear testimonials because there’s nothing like hearing other people’s experience to be sure you found the best Dental Clinic for you. Let’s begin by hearing Mary Galatii’s last-minute appointment:

I was vacationing in Cancun and one of my implant crowns came off after I yanked it while aggressively flossing! Couldn’t go to my usual dentist since he was out of town. Did a quick Google search and Guess what? Found a dentist right next door to where I was staying. A young woman dentist Dr. Karen took me in right away and did a fantastic job re-cementing the crown! She was quick, gentle, pleasant and well mannered! I had also broken my Day guard and they fabricated 2 brand new ones for the price of one! Came back the next day and Dr. Sanchez fitted it for me. I have been watching her work and she is just amazing! I only wish I can snatch her and bring her back home to Canada with me! Beautiful clean clinic with highly trained staff. Prices are great especially if you are Canadian, American or coming from Europe! Same top-notch exceptional dental work for half the price. I was also really impressed by some of the recommendations Dr. Sanchez gave me to keep my implants clean. I ‘m a Dental Hygienist myself and I always stress to my patients with Implants to get a Waterpik so I was really pleased Dr. Sanchez was now stressing it to me! Please go to this clinic. There is nothing I want more than to see honest hard working and good-hearted people succeed and the success of this clinic depends on our business! Great job Dr. Sanchez and staff!

She is a Canadian Dental Hygienist who had a small inconvenience with her implant crowns and went to Dr. Sanchez for help. Not only did she perform a great job re-cementing Kathy’s crown but also fabricated new Day guards for her for half the price.

Moving on to our next patient, Aubrey Johnsson, she and her husband visited Cancun and decided to check out Dentics Cancun Clinic for a cleanup and evaluation. When they knew they’d need extractions and implants they booked an appointment. Back home, everyone was impressed by their quick recovery.

Even more impressive was the fact that even when including flights, ground transportation, hotel reservations, and food, the whole procedure costed 60% less than it would have in the United States. Now they’re planning their next visit in July:

Both my husband Jack and I had Dentics Cancun recommended to us while on our annual January visit to Mexico from Wisconsin. Jack had been suffering from tooth and jaw pain for long time and we both went and got teeth cleaned and evaluation checkup at Dentics. We returned for the necessary extractions, sinus lift and implants. All procedures were on time, quick, thorough, and relatively pain free considering the extent of work done. We were particularly impressed with the hygienic atmosphere and high level of easy friendly communication given our limited Spanish, including prompt replies to our emailed questions. When talking with others who’d had these procedures in the USA, they were amazed at our rapid recovery, minimal discomfort, short down time and said our experience is a testimony to the expertise of the Dentics team.

We will return in July for our crowns and Invisalign Strips to straighten teeth that are destined to fracture if not aligned. Prices were at least 60% lower than in the USA!! Even with our flights, lodging and food, the total cost comes up less than had we done the identical procedures back home. Thank you Dr. Naxhiely Sanchez Castillejos and all the staff for an extraordinary experience. And for fixing the dangerous infection that was eating away jaw bone. Our experience with this clinic exceeded our expectations. The quality of dental work and level of customer service has been outstanding yet at an affordable price. Office manager Martin was terrific in guiding us through the whole process, discussing options and finances, explanations, photos, and driving us to special x-ray clinics. Highly recommend.

Lastly, Gordon Bridges shares his experience with Dentics Cancun. He needed a wisdom tooth removal procedure but ended up deciding to to also get 3 fillings, whitening, clean and polish. All was completely painless and he got to enjoy a hassle-free vacation in Cancun, Mexico.

My wisdom tooth was playing up and needed a dentist while in Cancun. As you can image I was very apprehensive finding a dentist abroad but needed the work doing for a pain free holiday. After a lot of research I chose Dentics and boy was it a great decision!!!

Dr. Sanchez, Martin and the team were very welcoming, accommodating and kept me well informed. In the end I decided to have loads of work done. I had 3 fillings, whitening, clean and polish then the extraction all with zero pain in the end I was blown away with how good my teeth were. I also received a checkup prior to departing home with complimentary X-rays confirming all is well.

The clinic is immaculate and they had all the latest technology.

Overall it’s the best dentist I’ve been to and if you’re sceptical then don’t be!!

Thanks again guys! You’re awesome.

Now you know it, choose to have your next dental procedure in Cancun with Dentics for a completely professional, painless, affordable experience. Between the fact that they are members of the American Dental Association, they provide excellent care for up to 60% less  than in the US, and they are located in beautiful Cancun, it is an offer hard to decline. 

*The names of the patients and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.